Puglia Region’s creative cluster: more than 140 SMEs and associations

6 AUGUST 2012

Puglia Creativa, the regional cluster for cultural and creative industries has submitted its strategic plan to the regional authorities and has got a Committee of 11 members who have elected their president, Mr. Roberto Ricco.

Puglia Creativa, the regional cluster for cultural and creative industries

The newly born regional cluster, which aims at strengthening innovation and connecting cultural and creative industries to the European and global dimensions, has been introduced to the public and its strategic plan has been debated during creative camps organised in Bari and Lecce on 4th July.

More than 140 SMEs and associations dealing with visual arts, audiovisual and cinema, multimedia (communication, editing, broadcasting), theatre, dance, design and music, together with some service providers (education and training, services to live show) have undersigned the strategic plan, thus registering to the cluster. The private sector is a relevant actor of the cluster together with universities (University of Bari and Politecnico), employer’s organisations (AGIS, ANEC, Legacoop), trade union (UIL) and public agencies (Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Apulia Film Commission), which complete its quadruple helix composition.

The strategic plan has been the result of several consultations and includes contributions from several cluster’s actors. Moreover, it includes a mapping of the various dimensions of the cultural and creative industries in Puglia.

Connecting SMEs and other cluster’s actors, capitalise on current and past interventions and experiences are the current activities of the cluster which wants to build on the rich Apulian experiences in the sectors to develop innovative practices, strengthen internationalisation and develop new trainings modules.

A temporary website available is: Distrettocreativo.wordpress.com