Ranking Global Cities: high scores for Europe!

19 NOVEMBER 2013

The Global Cities project presents an overview of world cities ranked by their economic development that is stimulated by the creative industries. A lot of American cities are mentioned, but European cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London also received high scores.

The project has made an analysis of the top cities in the world, based on GDP. The cities were rated on several attributes: Talent, Technology, Tolerance and Amenities and Quality of Life. The first three ‘T’s’ are applicable to the economic development that is also a result of the creative industries’ growth.

As for the results, four European cities ended with their scores in the top ten: Oslo came in third with a very high Technologys core; Amsterdam came in a shared fourth with Columbia, and had an overall equally high score; Copenhagen and London shared a 6th position with Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, where Copenhagen scored high on Technology, and London had the highest score on Amenities & Quality of Life. The first place was for Ottawa, Canada, with the highest score on Talent among any of the total of 61 cities.

On a more global level, it could be stated that North America has the most global cities, but in Western Europe there is the highest concentration of global cities. In Eastern Asia, the global cities are particularly technologically advanced.

More details
To know all the details, please read the Global Cities insight (pdf)
As a case example, here are the detailed results for Amsterdam (pdf)