Relaunching Europe: Thessaloniki

23 JANUARY 2014

On 23 January 2014, Relaunching Europe was based in Thessaloniki to discuss the best ways to get Greece out of the crisis and launch the country on the path to more jobs, growth and progress for all. Our own ECIAP member Johanna van Antwerpen represented ECIA and gave a presentation on the role of the creative industries in this matter.

Greek crisis
For many years now, Greeks have suffered from the harsh austerity imposed on them by the Troika. The economic and social consequences of this ultra-conservative dogma have been devastating for hundreds thousands of Greeks who have lost their jobs and their access to basic public services such as health insurance due to unreasonable cuts.

What is the way out of the crisis? How can Greece best invest in its people and in the economy? Are we doing enough to support innovation and local entrepreneurs? What role should Europe play? Propokis Doukas moderated the debates.

Event trailer

ECIA Presentation
Below you can find Johanna van Antwerpen’s presentation:

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