Report: Berlin’s creative industries are booming

6 JANUARY 2015

In a press release of Projekt Zukunft the third Creative Industries Report was announced, which maps the latest developments in the Berlin creative and digital industries. Figures, evaluations and trens show that these sectors are booming in the German capital city.

Dritter Kreativ Wirtschafts Bericht - coverThe creative industries in Berlin have developed to an above-average economic level in comparison to other cities and even to the national figures. While digitization makes its way through all economic sectors, growing trends are smart services, augmented reality, smart usability, big data and wearables. This development brings new business models and start-ups to the table.

Other than the economic growth of the creative industries, important developments that are addressed in the report are: cross innovation, the effects of cultural/creative industries on tourism, the development of earnings among creative professionals and the geographic distribution of creative companies in Berlin.

Eight key points
The report can be translated into eight core statements. These are:

  1. Berlin’s creative industries generated sales of approx. 7.8 billion euros. This is equivalent to around 8.5 percent of the gross value added of Berlin’s economy. The gross value added of Berlin’s creative industries has risen by 4 percent since 2009.
  2. Around 10 percent of the total sales of Berlin’s economy are generated by the creative industries. In 2012, there were some 28,200 companies in the creative industries generating sales of more than 16.6 billion euros.
  3. In 2012, the creative industries in Berlin generated over 3.6 billion euros more sales than in 2009. Besides the design industry with growth of 100 percent (+ 1.1 billion euros), the art market with 56 percent (+ 250 million euros), the music industry with 60 percent (+ 380 million euros) and the software/games industry with 50 percent (+ 900 million euros) have contributed to this increase in sales.
  4. In Berlin, earnings have risen considerably for advertising specialists, graphic artists, photographers and the technical professions associated with the creative industries. These are the same occupational groups in which the number of gainfully employed persons has grown particularly strongly.
  5. One out of every five companies in Berlin is a company in the creative industries. In 2012, there were around 28,200 companies in the creative industries based in Berlin. The number of companies in the creative sector rose by around 3,500 between 2009 and 2012. The growth in companies was highest in the software/games industry (30 percent), the design sector (25 percent ), the book market (20 percent) and the market for performing arts (17 percent).
  6. With nearly 186,000 gainfully employed persons, the creative industries in Berlin represent an immensely important employment market factor in Berlin’s economy. Besides the nearly 78,000 freelancers and self-employed individuals, around 98,500 were engaged in employment subject to social insurance contributions.
  7. Some 30,000 new jobs have been created in the creative industries since 2009. The sub-market with the highest increase was the software/games industry with growth of 75 percent (to 47,000 individuals). One working Berlin person out of every eleven has a creative occupation.
  8. The creative industries are a growth industry and an innovation driver for other sectors, which is why they will remain in the focus of politics and economic development institutions in the future. Apart from this highly positive economic development, the creative companies and actors, as well as the numerous events, contribute to the outstanding attractiveness of Berlin as a location.

More information is available on On this website a download of the report (in German) is available.