Europe INNOVA Conference 2012

21 NOVEMBER 2012

The Europe INNOVA Conference 2012 was held on 23-24 October in Copenhagen. As can be expected from a conference focussing on innovation and the creative industry, the event was not ‘your average European conference’.

Europe Innova logoThe conference was characterised by its high levels of interaction between the participants and constantly challenged them to think outside the box.

Among the organised activities were six different stress test laboratories, at which participants could put their clusters, evaluation methods and policy programmes to the test, and a Q&A session with Lisbeth Bahl Poulsen and Reinhard Büscher from the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry.

Of course, ECIA was present at the conference. In its own ‘Policy Lounge’, ECIA staff members talked with participants and explained how ECIA’s role in stimulating innovation in Europe.

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Video: Europe INNOVA Conference 2012