Report: PLP Meeting in Milan

10 DECEMBER 2013

The European Creative Industries Alliance Policy Learning Platform (ECIAP) held a two-day meeting in Milan on the 7th and 8th of November 2013. The main topics of the agenda: innovation vouchers, internationalisation and demand driven innovation. Below you'll find the report on the event, written by Myriam Camarero.

Milan, 7-8 November 2013

For the first time, the members of the PLP had the opportunity to hear about the projects’ results of the Concrete Actions on Innovation Vouchers and their contribution to CCIs and cross-innovation between CCIs and other sectors. The other important topic was the contribution by Marco Malacarne, the new Head of Unit “SMEs: Clusters and Emerging Industries”, DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, who settled down the guidelines for the discussion on the approach and contents of the final report on policy recommendations, instruments, specific solutions.

Location and host: Campus NABA and Domus Academy
The PLP was hosted the first day by Campus NABA and Domus Academy (, one of the most important Academy of the finest arts in Milan, and the second day by La Stecca degli Artigiani, a handcrafts atelier located in the Isola district, one of the Milan city areas with highest level of expansion in infrastructural and economic terms (

Worth to remark the public conference that took place on the 7th afternoon, entitled “Contribution of Cultural and Creative Industries to Innovation and Competitiveness”. With the participation of 95 people, main topics of the conference were an overview of the needs of CCIs, the role of creative High Schools in fostering innovation, and the role of innovation vouchers in leveraging the transformative power of the creative industries by a round table of discussion between the Concrete Actions on innovation vouchers, which have experimented innovation voucher schemes to foster creative businesses as a driver for innovation and local growth.

Download the presentations
Final closing by EC’s representative Marco Malacarne with a speech on the role of cluster organisations in supporting emerging industries via cross-sectorial innovation. Presentations can be downloaded from the Provincia Milano website.


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