Rethink your business: the experience economy is here!


On November 27-28 the ECIA project will present its final report during their Closing Conference in Amsterdam. On the second day, Albert Boswijk will speak about the experience economy. Below, he gives a small sneak peek on the topic.

Colorado by Dirk Trapphagen - Found on Flickr (Creative Commons) Albert Boswijk

Our economy is dematerialising. We are moving from a scarcity based economy to an economy of abundance. We are moving from ownership to the age of access. Products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable. Business- and personal values are changing. Almost any industry and organisation is feeling the urgency to rethink their business. Old handles do not work anymore and straight line thinking stops.

One has to make sure that one delivers meaningful experiences as the key value drivers that will capture value for clients and all stakeholders and contribute to our future society. The main drivers for change can be considered from different perspectives; 1) technological innovation, 2) economic transformation, 3) sociological evolvement and 4) a philosophical perspective. We need to deeply understand the changes we are going through.

Challenge your purpose
Today every business should challenge it’s purpose, it’s value proposition and business model to become future-proof. Challenging your purpose and value proposition is necessary in order to be fit and resilient in this fast changing societal and economic timeframe.

I founded The European Centre of the Experience and Transformation Economy in 2000. At the ECIA conference I will speak about the concept of personal experience, understanding the changes we are going through, and new forms of value creation based on meaningful experiences and the role of purpose finding and the new coordinates of a new economic area.

European Centre of the Experience and Transformation Economy
The European Centre of the Experience and Transformation Economy is a knowledge platform involved in the study, education of new forms of value creation. Founded in 2000, the European Centre collaborates with University of Roskilde, University of Aalborg, University of Leuven and the University of Amsterdam. Publications are; A new look at the Experience Economy (Pearson, 2007) and Economy of Experiences (2012) , The Revolutionary Power of the experience Economy (Handbook of Experience Economy, Roskilde University, 2013).

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Missed the ECIA Conference? Please find Albert Boswijk’s presentation on SlideShare.