Sneak Preview Of Eurosonic Noorderslag Conference Programme


Eurosonic Noorderslag is Europe's main conference and showcase festival for European music. With Eurosonic Noorderslag the Noorderslag Foundation wants to create a platform for the European music industry and promote the European repertoire.

The Eurosonic Noorderslag Conference will take place from 9-12 January 2013 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Here is a preview of the Conference’s programme.

The European Border Breakers Awards
The European Festival Awards

Opening keynote by Jeff Price

Tech company presentations
With extended presentations, tech companies show the most interesting products for the industry.

Finland Creative Industry Policy
Finland is well known for strong music export and cultural industry policy. Jarmo Lindén, State Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture, Culture, Sport, Youth and Student financial aid, will explain why and how.

Funding of Popular Music in Canada
With the Factor program, Canada has an sophisticated system for funding and promotion of Canadian music. Shain Sapiro will explain the details.

Charts and other measurement tools
For decades, the music industry has relied on different sets of measurement tools to appreciate the success of artists. They were mostly reliant of physical – then digital – sales of recordings and on radio airplay. With the new digital eco-system, do these charts still reflect the reality of the business?
Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand (Legrand Network, FR)
With: Jean Littolff (Nielsen, GB) and Gregory Mead (MusicMetric, GB)

European Union funding for the cultural and creative sectors: Creative Europe and EU Cohesion Policy Funds
In this session the European Commission will explain its Creative Europe programme, which is the future European Union support programme for the cultural and creative sectors for the period 2014-2020, which is open to the music sector. The session will also give an insight into the European Union Cohesion Policy Funds and how they can be used for strategic cultural investment as part of local and regional development strategies.
With: Ann Branch (Head of Unit, “Culture Programme and Actions” at the European Commission) and Sylvain Pasqua (Policy Officer, “Culture Programme and Actions” at the European Commission)

Renewables In Concert
Renewable energy can be integrated in various ways at concerts: by contracting green electricity or by installing permanent renewable energy generators on the concert site. This session aims to show on and off grid solutions and the chances and challenges for events, open airs and festivals.
Moderator: Holger Jan Schmidt (GO Group / GreenEvents Europe, DE),
With: Jacob Bilabel (Green Music Initiative / Green Music Energy, DE), Paul Schurink (Bredenoord, NL) and Eric van Eerdenburg (Lowlands Festival, NL)


Keynote interview with Martin Mills

Ian Hogarth, Songkick CEO presents: Detour – Crowdfunding Concerts

Yourope presents: Cashless Festivals
The next big “consumer friendly” thing or a cost intensive incentive for the banking industry?
Sport fans are already use to it. In various English and German football stadions cashless payment systems are already since years reality. Some football clubs even enjoy the extra profits of not redeemed cash deposits. But cashless payment transactions also speeding up payment proceedings for consumers and enable promoters for the first time to evaluate the economical value of their on site-business. A solid overview about the pro and cons, about the added value and the risks of cashless payment systems for festivals.

Yourope presents: Festival Insurance
Where is the added value insurance wise, is it only a profit for the insurance companies or an actual unavoidable risk minimization for festival promoters?

Yourope presents: Festival Contracts
Contracts tend to be only looked at when things go wrong – but as we all know, things can go wrong – from bad weather to bankruptcies, and from cancellations and non-appearances to strikes. Yourope have recently launched a revised set of standard contract terms that their member festivals will use when booking artists at festivals, but the Yourope terms, dubbed the “anti-rider”, have met with criticism from a number of agents and this panel looks at contracts in the live music sector and in particular the custom and practice of promoters signing contracts which include riders which have not been seen at the time of signing.
- “If you’re foolish enough to sign a contract that allows people to add terms afterwards, then you have to meet those terms” (lawyer Alexis Grower)

Ray Cokes Revue

Pollstar presents: Less Tours? Less Tickets?
The role of the ticket seller has changed beyond recognition – but whatever form the ticket takes the numbers sold and the revenue generated, indicate the state of health of the concert business – again with the invaluable help of Pollstar we examine the current state of the market.

The Agents Panel
Throughout the traumatic times that have beset the music industry over the last few years, the role of the Agent appeared to be the most constant. Continuing to operate from their traditional positioning between the artist – or artist’s manager – and the promoter, the Agent on the face of it was in a comfortable position particularly as the live industry became the dominant sector in terms of revenue. However being in charge of the artists’ main income stream and decreased input from record companies on tour support and artist development has necessitated increased responsibility and change in the Agent’s role. We invite key players to discuss the present and future of the Agents’ business.
Moderator: Allan McGowan (Allan McGowan Consultants, UK)
With: Tom Windish (The Windish Agency, USA), Steve Strange ( X-Ray Touring, UK) and Natasha Bent (The Agency Group, UK)

Furthermore, the next panels will take place on Friday: Green Events – What The Audience Said 2012 The Agents Panel, Funding of Popular Music in Canada, The Hidden Investement – Why Popular Music Funding in Music Matters and Ray Cokes Revue.

Porno and Piracy
Trace the history of porn, from trading for promotion, to what now can produce more income for thieves than for the creative entrepreneurs who originate the content. See what adult insiders are doing about it in the USA.
Moderator: Peter Phinney (Porn Guardian, GB)

Ray Cokes Revue

For more information on the conference, visit the Eurosonic Noorderslag website.