The European Creative Cluster Lab and the internationalisation of the Creative Industries

5 AUGUST 2013

One of the main goals of the European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL) is to support the internationalisation of Creative Industries. A creative camp organised on the 30th of April by Lille Métropole marked the occasion to present ECCL and to discuss the internationalisation of entrepreneurs in creative clusters.

ECCL logoThe debate focused on current internationalisation strategies and obstacles faced by local entrepreneurs. Moreover, the event shed light on the perspectives of different stakeholders working to facilitate international access for companies in creative sectors. Several creative clusters and cultural representatives from the local area attended the event such as Lille Métropole, Lille Design, Maisons de Mode, Plaine images, Pictanovo, Euratechnologies, Aéronef, BUDA Fabric, NFID, Lille’s agency and CCI Grand Lille.

Study visits: a new way to boost cooperation
The ECCL project aims to promote study visits in order to facilitate mutual learning between creative industries’ clusters and cultural stakeholders located in the ECCL regions and to create European partnerships as a basis for internationalisation activities. The first was hosted by Lille Métropole on the 27th and 28th of November 2012 while the second event took place in Barcelona on the 4th and 5th of July 2013. Here Barcelona Media and Lille Métropole worked together to develop contacts between the creative industries’ clusters of their two territories and to exchange ideas about internationalisation.

Several creative clusters´ representatives from France took part in the visit: Franky Devos, Director of BUDA Fabrik; Alex Melis, Aéronef Secretary General; Alexandra Pisco, Director of Maisons de Mode; Sandrine Becqueriaux, ECCL project responsible for Lille Métropole; as well as Plaine Images and Lille Design. The delegation visited the Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries, Kid’s cluster, Barcelona Activa, Barcelona Media, ACC1Ó, the Consortium for Trade, Crafts and Fashion and the City Council´s unit in charge of music development.

Next activity in the pipeline: Staff Exchanges
The visit in Barcelona was also an important first step to prepare staff exchanges on a European scale which will be set up between the two partners at the end of 2013 and 2014. A key topic that the ECCL project team is considering for such exchanges is “Communication: How to be more visible and attractive on an international level”. This can be a fruitful way to let clusters’ staffs to get to know one another, develop regular contacts, discover the way the others work and achieve common goals.

Background: the European Creative Cluster Lab
The European Creative Cluster Lab is the think tank and beta site for new approaches and processes for creative cluster management in creative and traditional industries in Europe.

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