TIDE open call for Champion Cities

7 JANUARY 2013

Apply to become a TIDE Champion City in order to deploy innovative transport measures in your city. Deadline for applications is 28 February 2013.

The mission of the European-funded TIDE project is to enhance the broad transfer and uptake of 15 innovative urban transport and mobility measures throughout Europe and to make a visible contribution to establish them as mainstream measures.

While building on the successes of NICHES and NICHES+, it is clear that there is still a significant need for further guiding local authorities in taking up the challenge of actually integrating and implementing innovative urban transport measures in their urban transport policies. To this end, TIDE will select ten champion cities to develop concrete and tailored implementation scenarios which will help them to integrate one of the TIDE innovative measures in their local transport policy. Success factors and barriers, including managerial issues, stakeholder consultation, financing, timeframe and an action plan will be addressed.

Champion cities can choose from 15 innovative TIDE measures across five main thematic areas:

  • new pricing measures
  • non-motorised transport
  • advanced network and traffic management to support traveller information
  • advanced electric vehicles
  • public transport organisation

The selected champion cities will each receive a subcontracting budget of €21,000 (of which €2,000 will be managed by the consortium as an additional travel budget for external experts).
This budget should allow the champion city to:

  • contribute to the development of an implementation scenario in cooperation with the TIDE consortium for integrating one innovative measure into their local transport policy
  • involve stakeholders in Local Innovation Forums

These activities should be conducted between April 2013 and June 2015.
If you are interested in becoming a TIDE champion city, make sure to apply before 28 February 2013!

(Source: Eurocities)

For more information on the TIDE project and the application procedure to become a Champion City, click here.