URBACT project Creative SpIN enters implementation phase

18 FEBRUARY 2013

The 3-year URBACT project 'Creative SpIN' (Creative Spillovers for Innovation) has got the green light to enter the implementation phase!

CreativeSpIN LogoFrom February 2013 until April 2015, a rich programme of activities and events will take place to encourage interactions between Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and other sectors of the economy, from manufacturing, to ICT, tourism, environment and health. The purpose is to identify the best methods and tools to trigger new forms of innovation in public and private organisations.

Set up by KEA at the request of the Birmingham City Council (Leader), Creative SpIN now gathers 10 between municipalities and local authorities, namely the city of Mons, Wroclaw (European Capitals of Culture respectively in 2015 and 2016), Rotterdam, Óbidos, Bologna, Essen, Kortrijk, Tallin Creative Hub and Košice 2013.

Philippe Kern, KEA’s founder and Managing Director, will supervise the project as Lead Expert. Kern: “I am looking forward to working with cities to experiment with creative spillovers and contribute to clustering of creative minds, intelligence and knowledge across disciplines in different cultural, economic and social environments. Cities are very well placed to “spin” creativity as they know their CCIs, very often micro-enterprises, and are therefore in a unique position to set the ecology by fostering multidisciplinary interactions.”

Preliminary Report on the concept of ‘Creative Spillovers’
As part of the project, Philippe Kern has produced a preliminary report (Baseline Study) which provides partners with a common understanding about the concept of “creative spillovers”. It also presents the different starting situations and ways of approaching the project theme in the different partner cities. Read the Baseline Study here (pdf).


KEA logoAbout KEA
KEA is a Brussels-based strategic consultancy and research center providing advice, support and research in relation to creative industries, cultural, entertainment, media and sport sectors. KEA has conducted landmark studies for the European Commission on the “Economy of Culture in Europe” and on “The Impact of Culture on Creativity”. KEA specialises in advising regions and cities throughout Europe on CCI policies. It has recently set up the winning ECIA consortium and developed a set of indicators (the “benchmarking raster”) to measure the economic impact of local CCIs policies for the INTERREG network CREA.RE. It has advised the European Parliament on the EU Cohesion Policy in relation to culture.

More information
For more information please consult the Creative SpIN homepage on the URBACT website.
Also see the KEA website.
Contact person: Valentina Montalto (email: vmontalto[at]keanet.eu /tel: +32 2 289 26 00).