Visit the 10th DesignInnovation Conference with an ECIA discount

14 JANUARY 2013

You can now register for the 10th DesignInnovation Conference in Paris with a special ECIA discount.

DesignInnovationThe Conference will be held in Paris on 28-29 January 2013.
(Location: Auditorium, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris)

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Clusters and creative industries: economics and professional issues
The 10th international conference will focus on the role of the clusters within the development of creative industries. Two trends can be observed nowadays. The first one favors the creation of clusters of creative industries, while the second focuses on the introduction of creative industries within already existing clusters.

Several questions have emerged: What is the “critical mass” for success? Which environment is best suited for helping its development? What are the best uses of sponsors and support schemes? How to build networks and manage the access to resources? Which financing to adopt? Are business incubators the best stepping stone? What are the sustainable business models? Which management strategy is best suited for insuring both global and companies’ growth?

The second trend works via the introduction of creative industries within established clusters, “pôles de compétivité”, living labs…to reinforce their ability to innovate. There too a need to tackle some issues has arised. How to build sustainable links between creative industries and their potential users? Can all types of creative industries meet the required condition for a successful experience? What kind of funding should be adopted? What kind of support clusters can provide? What impact can be observed on local creative industries (quality of services, specific competences…)?


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