Presentations ECIA’s ‘What’s up, Europe?’

13 FEBRUARY 2013

What opportunities does Europe offer for the creative industries? What does ECIA do? How can my organisation contribute to the European strategy for the creative industries? Take a look at the presentations (Dutch/English) of Gerard den Boer (Economic Affairs Amsterdam), Johanna van Antwerpen (ECIAP) and Marjolein Cremer (European Cultural Foundation) at ECIA's 'What's up, Europe?' and find your answers. The ECIA event took place on 12 February 2013 at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

The What's up EuropeEuropean Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) and its partner Pakhuis de Zwijger presented a festive informative meeting highlighting the creative industries in Europe. 2012 witnessed the kick off of the ECIA, which is located in Amsterdam. ECIA has been founded in order to support the creative industries sector in Europe.

Gerard den Boer
(Economic Affairs Amsterdam): European policy on the Creative Industries Europees and concrete chances for Metropole Region Amsterdam.

‘What’s up, Europe?’ February 12, 2013 Presentation Gerard den Boer (EA Amsterdam) from ECIAonline

Johanna van Antwerpen (ECIAP): What is the European Creative Industries Alliance? The meaning of ECIA for the Amsterdam region.

‘What’s up, Europe?’ February 12, 2013 Presentation Johanna van Antwerpen (ECIA) from ECIAonline

Marjolein Cremer (European Cultural Foundation): European opportunities / Creative Europe 2014 – Horizon 2020

‘What’s up, Europe?’ February 12, 2013 Presentation Marjolein Cremer from ECIAonline


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