4CNW - For Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West - is a new transnational business innovation support programme, delivered by The Creative State North West. Goal is to develop the Creative Industries, and wider innovation ability in the North West Region of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Description of the project - Aims and objectives

A key aim of the project is to demonstrate how public authorities can engender a higher degree of business innovation take-up and increase enterprise, through a unique service innovation, linking creative SMEs with the wider economy. The action will target companies from four high growth industry sectors: life sciences, tourism, technology and agrifood, leveraging the fact that 8 out of 10 of the world’s leading companies in these sectors are based in Ireland.


Knowledge transfer between companies will be achieved in brokered matchmaking and better practice in demand-led innovation support will be demonstrated. This will be achieved through a competitive selection of ‘creative challenges’ and implemented through a fund with a value of €100,000, where each company will be granted with a max of €5 000. This amount will be used for Talent Vouchers to motivate and incentivise practical collaboration between diverse sectors, and leverage up to €100,000 in additional match funds.

Actors involved

There are two key target groups involved in 4CNW, creative supply companies and industry demand SMEs. In addition. 4CNW programme actions will involve cross-sector partnerships, enterprise and innovation support agencies, policy makers and creative sector cluster managers.

Expected outcomes and impacts

4CNW will drive new linkages between the creative sector and the 4 key industry sectors outlined above, demonstrating the role of creative industries in the wider eco-system of innovation and providing a new model for measuring their impact as a catalyst for economic growth. Furthermore, it is expected that 150 jobs will be safeguarded.

In addition, 4CNW will support the Western Development Commission’s (the Government Agency established to promote economic and social development of the Western Region of Ireland) 2020 forecasted achievement of 17,000 employment opportunities, €100 million growth in exports, and a platform to leverage private sector investment with spill-over impacts by 2020.


“4CNW will actively support the economic opportunity provided by creative industries and is an important step in developing a regional approach to this sector. It will add value to the existence of successful technology and industries within the region; and help unlock the potential of the ‘disconnected’ creative talent within North West Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland“, Hubert Kearns, Chairman, Creative Sligo Public Private Partnership.