Cluster 2020’s vision is to support the creative industries, enabling them to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for growth.

Description of the project – Aims and objectives

It will do this by working towards creative cluster excellence. This will include developing and testing a blueprint, so that as many cluster organisations as possible can provide better creative business support across Europe. The Cluster 2020 partnership will work with business clusters in England, Germany and France. It will run trials and test ways to optimize working spaces, services and cross-sectoral linkages.

The aim is to provide tailored, meaningful and effective cluster support in order to make individual businesses better informed, more efficient and more expert in what they are doing.

Better Informed in:

  • Understanding new markets and sector trends
  • Using Data (information) to develop competitive advantage for individual businesses

More Efficient in:

  • Utilizing facilities and support services through incubation, co-working, start-up and internationalisation support
  • Using creative Industry friendly productivity & business support tools

More Expert in:

  • Identifying and accessing new knowledge to better understand emerging key business issues
  • Identifying growth opportunities and enabling these through cross-innovation and selling into international markets


In the practical phase, Cluster 2020 will enable participating cluster organisations to:

  • Run pilot Data Labs that will blueprint better ways for sector SME’s to use data (information) to increase their existing sales, enter new markets and improve their productivity
  • Test Software Tools, that will signpost relevant services for individual businesses and provide a more efficient way of working with business advisors
  • Apply different support facilities and services for incubation, co-working, start-up and internationalisation support to map better practice in coworking and incubation
  • Develop an on-line guide to productivity and business tools to improve the performance of creative businesses.
  • Deliver a library of Expert Videos in English, German and French that will explore highlight emerging issues and offer inspiring ideas and solutions to SME’s
  • Test a range of ways to connect businesses to new markets and different sectors, by exploring the potential of cross-innovation and internationalisation

Actors involved

  • Core partners include: Serious Games Institute (Coventry University, UK), Creative England (UK), European Business & Innovation Centre Network (Brussels), Gate Garching (Munich) and TVT Innovation (PACA Region, France).
  • Other participants include: National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) & Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (CIKTN, UK).

Expected outcomes and impacts

Cluster 2020 brings practical insight for business support organisations tasked with supporting the creative sector, including:

  • A clear hands-on approach for optimizing creative business facilities and services
  • Fully functioning software tools, ready to be implemented with little cost
  • Direct feedback and understanding from creative businesses in what they really need from a cluster organisation
  • Greater insight into the use of data as a catalyst for competitive advantage

Creative businesses will be able to:

  • Increase their efficiency and sustainability with new ways of working
  • Experiment with productivity tools and how to use open data to their advantage
  • Connect with new partnerships and business opportunities in their own country and abroad
  • Benefit from new understanding around key issues relevant to their business

Cluster 2020 will reach out to 7.000 businesses, directly benefit 2.000 and support 250 in detail. It will operate across at least 11 clusters.


“Cluster 2020’s approach will help our creative businesses find the right connections and partners as the basis for and building new and exciting collaborations across Europe. It will also enable clusters to share good practice and experience with each other on how best to catalyse business innovation.” - Jeremy Davenport, Creative Industries KTN, United Kingdom.

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