Cross-sectoral innovation or spill-overs is one of the six themes to be looked into by the European Creative Industries Alliance. Just like internationalisation, demand driven innovation and service innovation it’s been taken care of by the ECIAP-consortium and does not feature concrete actions.

What is cross-sectoral innovation/spill-overs
Cross-sectoral innovation or spill-overs are often defined as « positive externalities » or « external development effects ». In spite of the financial crisis, the cultural and creative industries are growing and economists have long ago recognized that a workforce with creative competencies will have an increasing impact on the value creation in all societies. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to develop a policy that stimulates this cross-sectoral or spill-over effect. One of the critical challenges for this growth is the creation of cross synergies between the cultural and creative industries and the traditional business industries.

Three types of spill-overs are identified in relation to CCIs :

  1. Knowledge spill-overs
  2. Product spill-overs
  3. Network spill-overs (mobility)

The main focus of ECIA is: How can creative industries transform traditional or mature industries and what are the policies needed to stimulate this.