+Innova Creativity

+Innova Creativity aims at re-defining the Basque innovation performance, through excellence in creative industry services.

Description of the project - Aims and objectives

+INNOVA CREATIVITY is based on the definition and implementation of an already conceptualized pilot voucher programme which aims to progressively extend the creative dynamism and procedures in sectors not directly related to creativity but potential users of it (such as traditional industries), and also aims to incorporate excellence service methodologies in Basque Creative Industries through close collaboration with businesses from excellence European creative hubs.


The +INNOVA CREATIVITY project is based on 3 main activities:

  1. Networking and matching:
    In this first phase, the project will focus on identifying the real demand for creative services becoming from Basque industrial companies, attracting creative service suppliers from other referent regions (A Creative Industry Service providers Registry will also be elaborated) and organizing 2 matching events between March and July.
  2. Design and Implementation:
    In the second part of the project, the Basque Government will define, implement and test a vouchers programme which will suppose a pilot experience in the deployment of support actions for the incorporation of referent creative services.
  3. Mutual Learning and strategic alliances:
    Representatives of the project in the Basque Government will also participate in international policy learning events, in order to compare and share experiences with other participants, identifying potential improvement for the vouchers programme.

Actors involved

The project will involve some of the most representative cluster associations (Basque ICT Cluster and the cluster of domestic appliances), will also attract some industrial clusters (environment, furniture, etc.) and finally will try to improve the exchange of experiences between Basque and referent creative service providers.

The pilot vouchers programme will also support 20-60 Basque industrial companies in the provision of referent creative services from other 30-70 foreign service providers. +INNOVA CREATIVITY will enable the exchange of experiences between the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government and other regional authorities which are developing projects related to this call.

Expected outcomes and impacts

The project will have significant impact on both Basque Business beneficiaries and in the Basque Government:

  • Basque companies: Improved creative capacities and competitiveness of 7-21 enterprises (3-9 business of 5-25 employees and 4-12 business of 25-50 employees in each cluster) through creativity.
  • Basque Government: Improved capacities of the personnel involved in the project to define better creativity support programmes through voucher schemes support.


"There are many businesses in the Basque Country not familiarized with the creative and innovation dynamics within this sector (not only in industry but also in services). This project will therefore contribute to progressively introduce these dynamics in businesses across a limited number of pilot sectors in the Basque Country to improve their competitive levels in the medium and long term."