The European Creative Industries Alliance Policy Learning Platform (ECIAP) aims at bringing together regional and national policy-makers supporting innovative creative industries to develop “better practice” in support of service innovation in creative industries.

Description of the project - Aims and objectives

The main task of the platform is to steer and further promote this initiative through the open method of coordination. The Policy Learning Platform is analysing, benchmarking and engaging in mutual learning in areas such as business support; incubation and access to finance; cluster excellence and co-operation; and fostering cross-sectoral linkage with other industries. It will prepare policy recommendations with concrete master plans for implementation on how to better support creative industries based on the experience and input of the 8 concrete actions of the Alliance. In order to draw upon a wide stakeholder community, an open call for the expression of interest for new committed members has been published by the 6 founding members of the Platform.

Project contacts per theme


The overall mandate of the Policy Learning Platform is to engage in strategic discussions and develop future policies in support of creative industries. To this end, the Policy Learning Platform will:

  • Establish a policy dialogue to leverage existing policy measures, such as from Structural Funds and other European programmes, and design better policies to support creative industries and to spill-overs into other industries;
  • Design concrete master plans and roadmaps for future actions in collaboration with the concrete actions;
  • Develop joint activities and transnational cooperation at policy level;
  • Facilitate collaboration with other stakeholders and initiatives at regional, national and European level;
  • Promote the activities and results of the European Creative Industries Alliance as a whole including through the maintenance of the public web portal;
  • Inform SMEs about existing and new support measures for creative industries enterprises.

Actors involved

ECIAP collaborates with all coordinators that are part of the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA). Furthermore, the Policy Learning Platform collaborates with partners who were involved in other European, national and regional projects relating to the creative industries that can be of benefit to the platform.

Please note that an open call for the expression of interest for members to join the Policy Learning Platform and to select a spokesperson for ECIA has been published by the founding consortium of 6 major European cities led by the city of Amsterdam. In addition, all coordinators in the Alliance and its eight concrete actions will be involved. The members of the platform shall give the Alliance a public face, present it at important relevant events, and proactively launch political debates towards the implementation of its recommendations with a view to achieving a high leverage effect. The platform will elect a formal representative of the Policy Learning Platform, who would represent the platform in the Expert Forum and externally and ensure the visibility of the political debate at the policy level.

Expected outcomes and impacts

The expected outcomes of the Policy Learning Platform are:

  • Concrete policy recommendations with practical master plan and roadmaps for future policy action in support of creative industries in the areas of better business support through innovation voucher schemes, access to finance, cluster excellence & cooperation and the facilitation of cross-sectoral linkages;
  • Mind shift among national and regional policy-makers and stakeholders towards a better recognition of the economic and cultural importance of creative industries;
  • To showcase the relevance and impact of following a broad concept of innovation that builds upon new technolgies, service innovation and creativity;
  • Contribution to the target of mobilising €100 million of public and private funds for creative industries;
  • Information services and guidance for entrepreneurs, policy makers and other stakeholders in the creative industries.


“I believe that the Creative Industries will be the key accelerator for innovation and economic growth in Europe. This project combines all the strengths within the EU which is necessary to secure the position of Europe as a Creative Economy not only now but also in the future.” Johanna van Antwerpen, Director of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM).