From mid2012 SMEs in the Salzburg region in Austria will have the opportunity to apply for €5000 of funding for implementing innovation projects with creative industries. The project Vouchers IN Creative Industries (VINCI) will promote innovation processes in existing SMEs by simplifying their access to creative industry services.

Description of the project- Aims and objectives

The VINCI project aims to develop and implement, in real life conditions, a voucher scheme to encourage “the wider use of innovative creative industries services by companies or organisations from other sectors". This will strengthen and professionalise SMEs and create new relationships between creative services providers on a national and European level. VINCI shall also serve as a best practice model for the development and implementation of a national Austrian creative voucher scheme.


The development and establishment of a creative service provider inventory list will provide one basis of VINCI. Facilitating a direct match-making activity will create opportunities in which creative service providers from Austria and CIP regions can meet with Austrian SMEs from other sectors and explore cooperation potential. The major matchmaking event (“light-house” event) will be organised in Salzburg, where the creative voucher will be launched and where both target groups will have the possibility to “speed-date”, present themselves and assess cooperation opportunities. Case studies from the implemented VINCI projects will be used to showcase the potential of creative innovation to SME as well as methodological inputs for the development of a national Austrian creative voucher scheme.

Actors involved

MFG Baden-Württemberg (DE), Bayern design gmbH (DE), Autonomous Province of Bozen (IT), Slovenian Ministry of Economy (SL), NESTA (UK), Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (AT), Innovation and Technology Transfer Agency Salzburg (AT), creativ wirtschaft austria (AT).

Expected outcomes and impacts

VINCI shall generate a large awareness at the SME level on the innovation potential lying in the cooperation with the creative industries beyond just pure technological innovation, based on success stories developed within the project. Its methodology shall be the “backbone” of a by far larger national creative voucher scheme. It shall facilitate the cross-regional visibility of creative services providers in a sustainable manner. Last but not least, it will anchor the creative industry sector as a key factor to improve the competitiveness of the Austrian economy. The creative voucher has the potential to further develop the understanding of innovation as a creative process beyond pure technical innovation, at regional and national policy making levels – in line with the concept of Innovation Union and the Agenda 2020.


"VINCI places Austria as the European leader within the Creative Industries Alliance", says Bernhard Sagmeister, one of the managing directors at aws. "For the twenty projects VINCI will form the basis for developing new creative industry innovations", adds AWS managing director Johann Moser. AWS is the Austrian national bank for financial aid for businesses, owned by the Republic of Austria.

Download the VINCI Folder (pdf)