Two actions - ECCL and Cluster2020 - will work towards better supporting Creative Industries through developing cluster excellence and collaboration. Creative Industries, as other industries organise themselves in "clusters". Clusters have long been supported by various means and policies, but it is less so the case with Creative Industries clusters. Traditionally clusters have been supported at the sectoral level, often with support received to carry out research activities or to foster linkages with research institutes or universities. Much less is done to foster linkages with other and broader stakeholders, such as for example knowledge institutions, design centres or technology clusters from outside their sector.

The two cluster actions will develop and test new approaches for better cluster management in Creative Industries in order to professionalise the support offered to SMEs inCreative Industries. This includes the development of customised training, coaching and mentoring of cluster managers. The actions will further facilitate the collaboration within and between creative industries clusters, such as through the organisation of matchmaking events, and support incubation and internationalisation activities in creative industries. Overall ten cluster organisations in creative industries throughout Europe will drive this concrete action.


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