Best Incubation Practices report by Cluster 2020

23 JUNE 2014

Cluster 2020 has issued a report on Best Incubation Practises. The report’s main goal is to explore best incubation practices aimed at supporting the Creative and Digital Industries, in particularly those developed by the European Commission Business and Innovation Centres (EC-BICs, or simply BICs), trying to understand how and to what extent incubators address creative and digital businesses differently.

reportcluster2020_frontAuthor: EBN, comments from all partners, Cluster 2020 Project.

The report has been provided through a combination of desk research and qualitative interviews to incubators representatives. A set of 8 selected BICs, members of EBN (European Business & Innovation Centre Network) network and considered to be key examples of best practices in CDI sector support, participated in this study: (i) Technoport, (ii) iMinds, (iii) Berytech, (iv) Noribic, (v) Creative Centre Brno, (vi) CEEI Asturias, (vii) BIC Lazio Creative Incubator; (viii) Dublin Business Innovation Centre. The report highlights a series of relevant challenges and considerations regarding cluster and incubators activity in the Cultural and Digital Industries.

Full download
To read the full report, please download it here: Best Incubation Practices aimed at supporting Creative & Digital businesses (pdf)