Closing the gap between investors and the creative industry

1 JULY 2014

The FAME workshops held in Copenhagen and Heidelberg have raised awareness of several challenges such as a lack of allocated funds for the Creative Industries or a lack of business skills among creative entrepreneurs based on first-hand experiences. In this publication, the gap between investors and creative business entrepreneurs is being discussed.

Mind the Gap by Robert S Donovan - Found on Flickr (CC)

(Published are the first two paragraphs of the publication. Copyright: the FAME project)

Despite the financial crisis raging across Europe, musicians, designers, game developers and many others in the creative industry have been able to create economic growth and maintain a good level of jobs. Thus, the creative industry is full of potential, but still have great difficulties attracting investors.

“The problem is that most investors simply don’t know the creative industry very well and have a lot of prejudices against the sector. It is not that they do not see the potential in the sector. It’s more that they feel out of depth,” says Allan Rasmussen, Investment Manager at CAPNOVA A/S.

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