Report on Cluster Excellence

12 MARCH 2013

Cluster Excellence is the basis for all regional development or so it seems. According to Michael Porter (wiki), the leading expert on cluster theory, clusters have the potential to affect competition in three ways: by increasing the productivity of the companies in the cluster, by driving innovation in the field, and by stimulating new businesses in the field.

The Senatsverwaltung from Berlin, responsible for cluster excellence within ECIAP, ordered a research on creative clusters in comparison to other economic clusters. The main questions in the report: Are Creative Clusters similar or different from other economic clusters and what is the best way to stimulate them. During the Copenhagen meeting the first draft report on Cluster Excellence was discussed. Although it is not yet the final product, the report was received with good reviews by both the PLP and the European Commission. Therefore, we would like to share the draft report with you. If you have questions or additions, please contact Tanja Mühlhans from Berlin via mail.

Download the report
Report on Cluster Excellence (pdf)