Organza presents final report ‘Crossing Borders for Creativity’

26 NOVEMBER 2012

November 2012 witnessed the publication of the final report of the Organza research project, entitled 'Crossing Borders for Creativity'.

Organza, which has as a slogan ‘Creative cities learning from each other’, aimed at improving policy-making in the field of creative industries and to strengthen regional economies by developing and evaluating new policy instruments, sharing experiences between different European regions and medium-sized cities. The project, which had as slogan ‘Creative cities learning from each other’, was initiated by the city of Arnhem (the Netherlands) and funded by the EU’s Interreg-IVC-programme.

‘Crossing Borders for Creativity’ presents the final outcomes of Organza.
The publication gives a concise analysis of the research process, starting with the regional profile descriptions. It gives an overview of policy developments and explains the pilot projects.
It also gives a systematic overview of the nine inspiring practices that were implemented during the project, while the last chapter offers some policy recommendations. The project coordinator concludes the report by talking about the original inspiration for the project.
(source: Organza)

Download ‘Crossing Borders for Creativity’.
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