EU report ‘Use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects’

26 NOVEMBER 2012

The EU’s Directorate-General for Internal Policies (Structural and Cohesion Policies: Culture and Education) has recently published the report ‘Use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects’. The study analyses the use of Structural Funds (SFs) in the period 2007-2013 and provides advice on how to facilitate access to SFs for culture under the new Cohesion Policy proposal for 2014-2020.

The study shows that culture is at the heart of local, regional and national policies. The careful selection of case studies documented in the study illustrates the pervasiveness of cultural investment, its contribution to the attractiveness of regions, and the extent to which culture has been mainstreamed in public policies with a focus on:

  • developing creative entrepreneurship and talents (e.g. Tartu Centre for CIs, the video games Prototype Fund in Dundee, VC Fund in Berlin, Nantes and its performing arts scene);
  • incubation of innovation and new business models (e.g. CIs Development Programme in Finland);
  • encouraging spill over effects between culture-based creativity and other sectors (ICT, manufacturing, tourism, etc.) (e.g. the Kunstgreb project on artistic interventions in Denmark, BUDA Fabric in Kortrijk);
  • revitalising cities’ quarters and image (e.g. Quartier de la Création Nantes, Klarendal quarter in Arnhem, Temple Bar in Dublin).

Download the publication ‘Use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects’.