Focus on Audience Building – ‘European Adiences: 2020 and beyond’

27 NOVEMBER 2012

One of the key focus points of the new EU ‘Creative Europe’ Programme (2014-2020) will be audience building. In this context, the European Commission has ordered several studies on the concept of audience building and the impact it will have within ‘Creative Europe’.

The brochure ‘European Audiences: 2020 and Beyond’ presents ‘a wide range of projects from different cultural sectors across Member States that have developed vibrant audience development strategies and techniques’. (source:

Download the brochure ‘European Audiences: 2020 and Beyond’.


The report ‘Audience building and the future ‘Creative Europe’ programme’ presents the findings of the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) on the role of audience building within the ‘Creative Europe’ programme. The document ‘aims to present relevant trends and examples in different cultural sectors, provide recommendations to European institutions on how to foster audience building on a European level, and identify gaps in existing information. The study has involved the analysis of 28 case studies from 12 different member states, representing a diverse sample of approaches, organisations, degree of formalisation, geographic locations and target publics, among others’. (source:

Download the report ‘Audience Building and the Future ‘Creative Europe’ Programme’.

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