Joint Policy Recommendations for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe

17 DECEMBER 2012

During the Final Conference of the CREA.RE (creative regions project in Gent, Belgium, on 26 November 2012), the set of joint policy recommendations for cultural and creative industries in Europe developed by five INTERREG IVC projects was launched and presented to the public.

Collaboration is the key to open innovation and creativity is a key agent of collaboration. Based on this rationale, the INTERREG IVC projects CREA.RE, SEE Platform, ORGANZA, Creative Metropoles and InCompass embarked on a process to intensify cooperation by examining the potential of joint activities.

It quickly became evident that a joint set of policy recommendations relating to the CCI was on the agenda for each project and sharing experiences could enhance the impact. Consequently, in a workshop initiated and hosted by CREA.RE and moderated by SEE, the projects employed creative, inclusive and design techniques to share experiences of the barriers facing the better use of the CCI in Europe and generate proposals for tackling them.

Some of the barriers stem from the most fundamental challenge of i) defining the CCI, capturing the impact and analysing the metrics. Other challenges are organised thematically relating to ii) skills, education and research; iii) awareness, support and promotion; and iv) regional and/or national governance and funding. The report presents the key challenges to the better use of the CCI in Europe and policy recommendations aimed at local, regional and national government as well as the European Commission.

This document is intended to be a think piece for discussion among the actors in Europe’s CCI arena and was validated by the INTERREG IVC projects representing over 60 European stakeholders. However, above all, it is intended to be a living document for the projects to continue their activities beyond the end of their INTERREG IVC project funding and is open for adaptation and re-interpretation.

The Presentation of the Joint Policy Recommendations

During the event in Gent, the set of joint policy recommendations was officially forwarded to the European Commission, represented by Mrs. Hélène-Diane Dage, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry and to the European Creative Industries Alliance, represented by its chairman, Mr. Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, Managing Director of the Center for Experience Economy, Denmark.

From left to right: Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, Chairman of the European Creative Industries Alliance; Esther Ruiten, ORGANZA coordinator; Anna Whicher, SEE platform coordinator; Steve Harding, Creative Metropoles coordinator; Andrew MacKenzie, InCompass coordiantor; Hélène-Diane Dage, European Commission/ Deputy Head of Unit at DG Enterprise & Industry; Lucia Seel, CREA.RE project manager.

Read the publication here.

For more information please contact: Lucia Seel, CREA.RE project manager, lucia(at)