Materials in the creative industries: creativity-driven innovation

10 DECEMBER 2012

Report on the round table discussion which took place on 5 October 2012, in Brussels.

The aim of the meeting, which organised by the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation, Unit Materials), was to hold an open discussion on the materials research and innovation needs of the creative industries.

In line with the definition of creative industries (Commission Green Paper “Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries”, 2010), representatives of creative industries linked to the European materials and manufacturing industries were invited, e.g. architecture, art, crafts, supports for cultural items, decoration, fashion, furniture, lighting, interior design materials and products, jewels, luxury, media supports, publishing, sport and toys, amongst others.

The participants expressed the need to support creativity-driven (e.g. design-driven) innovation by reducing the knowledge and communication gaps between the material scientists and engineers, the designers and creative communities and the producers. All actors capable of adding value to products and processes should be considered upstream in material development. Research projects and prizes have been identified as effective instruments that can spread awareness, stimulate new ideas and the conception of new products, connect players along the value chain, and speed up access to market.

Download the full report here (PDF version, 611KB).