Nesta releases its Innovation Index 2012

26 NOVEMBER 2012

UK innovation foundation Nesta has published its Innovation Index 2012. At the heart of the Index is a wider and more complete measure of how much the UK invests in innovation, and what the benefits of this are to productivity.

According to Nesta, “innovation is more than R&D, yet the measurement of innovation relied for a long time just on R&D metrics.This led to innovation policies that were much focused on R&D. To overcome this, the UK government asked Nesta to develop a new Innovation Index that captured wider forms of innovation beyond R&D.” (

This research summarises the main findings from the third release of Nesta’s Innovation Index, covering the period from 1990 to 2009.

The Innovation Index uses investment in intangible assets as the main measure of innovation investment. Therefore, the Index measures not only scientific R&D, but the downstream co-investments needed to commercialise and profit from new ideas.

Download Nesta’s Innovation Index 2012.