Research paper: What big data can do for the cultural sector

2 APRIL 2013

These days, data sizes are almost infinite, and organizations learn a lot about their position and succesful strategies by simply analyzing data. However, most cultural industries have not yet implemented this concept. Anthony Lilley and Paul Moore give their views on how data can benefit creative industries.

Counting What Counts Lilley/Moore

This paper argues the value of big data analysis for creative institutions, but also that most of them are not even taking online data into account. The paper is a collaboration between Paul Moore, professor at the University of Ulster and researcher on (theory and practice of) the creative industries, and Anthony Lilley, media practitioner and creative concept developer with an international experience in the creative industries.

“Big data” approach
“This report suggests three routes along the journey to a “big data” approach to culture in the UK with a view to both improving the resilience of the sector itself and providing more data with which to have a better informed version of the perpetual discussion about the merits of cultural investment.”

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Counting What Counts: What Big Data can do for the Cultural Sector by Anthony Lilley and Paul Moore (pdf)

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