State of the Innovation Union 2010-2014

30 JUNE 2014

The European Commission released a document where the first outcomes of long-term strategy ‘the Innovation Union’. The foundation of ECIA is part of this strategy and is mentioned as one of the success factors. Download the publication down below.

State of the Innovation Union 2010-2014Innovation Union
Within the Europe 2020 strategy, the Innovation Union takes a central place. It was established in 2010 and focuses on strengthening Europe’s capacity to innovate during a strategy that will be executed for a period of ten years. The Innovation Union is a successful in regional as well as national policy.

This Staff Working Document gets you up to speed with the first activities and results of four years of Innovation Union. One of these is the establishment of ECIA. A fragment of what the document states about the project on page 50:

“Commitment 19.1: Establish a European Creative Industries Alliance”

“In 2011 the Commission will establish a European Creative Industries Alliance to develop new forms of support for these industries and promotie the wider use of creativity by other sectors.”

“Across its nine projects, the Alliance has so far reportedly already mobilized €45.8 million directly or indirectly for the creative industries on top of the €6.75 million EU support for the initiative. For instance, the success of the VINCI project that implemented a €100,000 innovation voucher scheme contributed to the set-up of a National Creative Voucher scheme in Austria that provided €3 million support for fostering cross-sectoral collaboration between SMEs from other industries and creative service providers, with a further €1.5 million planned for 2014.”

The full Staff Working Document can be downloaded here:
State of the Innovation Union. Taking stock 2010-2014 (pdf)