The Brazilian Market Guide for entrepreneurs

29 JANUARY 2015

The ECCL partner project of ECIA published a useful brochure on bringing your business to Brazil, a follow up on the study visit in February 2014. The brochure provides useful advice for European SMEs who want to explore the field in Brazil.

brazilguideThe world of creative entrepreneurs is getting more and more connected: the creative sector takes advantage of the Internet like no other economic sector, but at the same time, it can be locally based and socially responsible. This guide focuses on connections with Brazilian business partners, and to share the knowledge that European clusters brought.

The guide contains all sorts of information on the Brazilian social and business climate, an overview of the geographical and economical background, but also some tips on promotion and exhibiting the creative industries and information on the creative sector in Brazil.

The guide was developed by ECCL and the City of Warsaw to enrich the internationalisation process in EU creative clusters.

Please download the guide below:

The Brazilian Market Guide for entrepreneurs (pdf)