Thematic Paper: Cluster Excellence and Cooperation

21 AUGUST 2014

In this series of papers, six ECIA member organisations present their findings and policy advice. Read on for a short extract and/or download the full thematic paper by Projekt Zukunft Berlin.

Networking by jairoagua - Found on Flickr (CC)“Creative businesses are an important part of most regional ecosystems. They drive innovation, acting as a ‘golden thread’ pulling together ‘placemaking’ and cultural values with economic growth.

Rather like ICT, creative industries, especially the part focused on digital media, is a horizontal enabler, providing value added services to other businesses. Around 10% of businesses are creative, but with the recent push towards demand driven service innovation and cross-sectoral growth, they have the power to add value and support growth in the other 90% of businesses.

These cluster policy recommendations can be used at European, national, regional and organisational levels, to bring support to creative and other enterprises, enabling them to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for growth.
This thematic report is one of several reports published by the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA). This is an integrated policy initiative that combines policy learning with 8 concrete actions on innovation vouchers, better access to finance and cluster excellence & cooperation. The ECIA understands that whilst separate reports help to highlight key details, businesses on the ground are looking for a joined-up ‘holistic’ approach, with all aspects of support wrapped up in connected policies within a fully functioning regional ecosystem.

It is within this wider context that the five Cluster recommendations should be considered. They include a detailed consideration of enterprise and innovation ecosystems, business support and new levels of cross-sectoral collaboration.”

Download full Paper
Thematic paper Cluster Excellence – Berlin (pdf)