Thematic Paper: Innovation Vouchers

17 JUNE 2014

In this series of papers, six ECIA member organisations present their findings and policy advice. Read on for a short extract and/or download the full thematic paper by Provincia di Milano.

Sainsbury Active Kids vouchers by Howard Lake - Found on Flickr (CC) vouchers can be a brilliant instrument to promote cross-innovation between CCIs and the other industries. However, they work best when they are part of a coherent set of policies. In this report you will find useful information on what innovation vouchers are and which are their benefits. Some interesting cases will be described and based on an extensive research key policy recommendations will be shared:

  1. Make sure that SMEs understand the value of creativity for their products, services and processes and use vouchers to strengthen relationships between CCIs suppliers and the wider economy, but also among CCIs themselves.
  2. In order to raise awareness on the transformative power of CCIs, invest in communication also among policy makers.
  3. Talent can be everywhere! Therefore promote access to knowledge, making voucher schemes eligible for competent suppliers also from outside your region.
  4. Keep the voucher procedure simple and fast to facilitate the access and lower bureaucratic barriers. This will attract many potential beneficiaries and suppliers.
  5. Avoid fragmentation and overlapping of measures, ideally design an integrated policy mix so that firms can have all the support they need.

Download full paper
Read on: Thematic paper Innovation vouchers – Milan (pdf)