Thematic Paper: Internationalisation

17 JUNE 2014

In this series of papers, six ECIA member organisations present their findings and policy advice. Read on for a short extract and/or download the full thematic paper by Samoa Nantes.

Globalisation by Lars Plougmann - Found on Flickr (CC)“Between 2012 and 2014 the Cluster Quartier de la Création, a service of SAMOA Société d’Aménagement de la Métropole Ouest Atlantique – as member of the ECIA consortium, has analysed, the best ways to help creative entrepreneurs to internationalise their activities and projects, thanks to a literature review and a European survey among cluster organisations.

It is difficult to separate internationalisation from the context in which it is a natural element: competitiveness and growth in a global market.  Globalisation means that the natural or local environment is constantly transforming and growing which brings greater opportunities (larger markets, new suppliers) and challenges in the form of a greater competition and shorter product life-cycle. Globalisation is not new and has widely affected all economic sectors from multinational companies to SMEs.

Addressing internationalisation of CCIS (Cultural and Creative Industries), another contextual element is digitalisation. The impact of digitisation strongly affects creative industries and has tremendous repercussions on internationalisation of creative contents and products. Creative firms should take in consideration this specific shift too. The process of engaging with the export and international potential of the CCIs is simultaneously galvanised and challenged by globalisation and digitisation, by a speeding up of external economic forces and fast-evolving consumption and communication habits that disregard slower policy and planning timeframes, by shifting patterns in the  economic realities of so-called developed, developing and transitional markets worldwide.”

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