Thematic Paper: Demand Driven Innovation

17 JUNE 2014

In this series of papers, six ECIA member organisations present their findings and policy advice. Read on for a short extract and/or download the full thematic paper by the City of Tampere.

3D Printer at the Fab Lab by Keith Kissel - Found on Flickr (CC)“One often used definition for the term demand driven innovation policy is “a set of public measures to increase the demand for innovations, to improve the conditions for the uptake of innovations or to improve the articulation of demand in order to spur innovations and allow their diffusion (Edler, 2007)”. In general, demand-side innovation policies aim at addressing barriers affecting the market introduction of innovations (responsive demand) and at the ability to define and signal new functional needs to producers (triggering demand).

Demand- and user-driven innovation policy includes new perspectives, activities and target groups that supplement and broaden the current innovation policy in a significant manner. Demand orientation places a particular emphasis on the macro perspective, i.e. promoting the innovativeness of markets, while taking advantage of, and steering market demand in a way that encourages innovation. The aim is to improve market conditions so that the introduction and diffusion of innovations is as efficient as possible.

On the other hand, innovation policy with a focus on user-orientation emphasizes the micro-perspective and services that are based on user needs, on user and user community participation in development work, and on taking greater advantage of user’s own innovation.”

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Read on: Thematic paper Demand driven innovation – Tampere (pdf)