Thematic Paper: Cross-Innovation

17 JUNE 2014

In this series of papers, six ECIA member organisations present their findings and policy advice. Read on for a short extract and/or download the full thematic paper by Samoa Nantes.

Washington Crossover by cta web - Found on Flickr (CC)“Once can argue that unexpected collaborations occur without intervention. That is true. As far as creativity provides from unexpected combination of ideas and drives innovation, politicians are interested to better know and stimulate creativity. Not because creativity is great, but because we recently discover its transformative power and its capacity to nurture the rest of economy.  Driving creativity, cultural and creative industries plays a key role in this innovative ecosystem.  An important issue for politicians is to convince traditional industries about this “transformative power” and promote cross-innovation at regional and local level. To stimulate cross-innovation different challenges have been pointed out.

  1. The first one is to agree upon a common understanding on what cross-innovation is.
  2. The second one is to detect the potential areas of cross-innovation.
  3. The third challenge is about networking and makes it as much efficient as possible.
  4. The fourth challenge is to change the mindset.
  5. The fifth challenge is to avoid silo thinking.
  6. The sixth challenge is about proximity.
  7. The seventh challenge is to allow cross-innovation projects to happen.
  8. The eighth challenge is to strengthen business development for cultural and creative industries.”

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