VINCI – Supported projects

28 OCTOBER 2013

VINCI is one of the voucher projects which supports businesses in the creative industries and aims for innovation and cross-sectoral partnership. In this VINCI publication, as presented on their event on October 16th, 2013, all of their supported projects are presented.


In 2012, 20 projects were chosen by a jury. They were appointed as the most innovative projects out of a total of 71 initiatives. These winning projects received financial prizes up to € 5.000 each, to help them realize their ideas and businesses format.

Voucher winners
This publication showcases this wide variety of successful collaborations between the creative sector and business that have been realized in the pilot region of Salzburg. Innovative products from different fields and of different uses are displayed in this folder:

The 20 VINCI vouchers should give an impulse to lower the fear of contact between traditional companies and the creative industries as well as finding joint solutions for current and future-oriented problems. This has, according to the entrepreneurs, worked out very well.”

Online cooking aid
An example of the projects is an ad-hoc cooking aid app. Michaela Muhr wanted to help adolescents and students who are interested in cooking healthy food rather than putting a quick unhealty meal on the table. She came up with the idea of an app which gives instructions on how to cook simple meals and what fresh ingredients are needed to do so. The app is designed to give information in a way that doing groceries and cooking doesn’t have to take up much time, and can still result in healthy meals.

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