Working paper: Smart specialization and cluster policymaking

26 MARCH 2013

Jaime del Castillo, Belen Barroeta and Jonatan Paton wrote a report on cluster initiatives for the Department of Innovation and Competitiveness Policy at INFYDE SL. Read the introduction, recommendations and download the full article below!

“In the past two decades, clusters have become explanatory elements of regional development and policy tools for it. No wonder that in the context of new regional innovation strategies promoted by the Commission and focused on smart specialisation, clusters will play an important role, by joining throughout the process of definition, implementation and monitoring. Thus, the aim of this paper is to analyze the implications of new strategies regarding RIS3 clusters and vice versa, as well as their role as policy instruments.”

Key aspects to consider
The paper concludes by giving some recommendations, or ‘key aspects to consider’:

1. Clusters initiatives as interfaces for connectivity
2. Clusters initiatives and multiplying interfaces
3. Clusters initiatives as RIS3 instruments
4. Clusters initiatives play an important role in the new programming period 2014-2020
5. Clusters can play an important role in the strategy process and the implementation plans of RIS3
6. Life cycle of the cluster will determine its role on RIS3
7. The challenge of the clusters towards smart specialisation and the RIS3

Read on:
Policy instruments for RIS3 Clusters by Jaime del Castillo, Belen Barroeta and Jonatan Paton (pdf)